Attracting and converting more customers via LinkedIn.

Converting More Customers With LinkedIn Content

There is no shortage in the opportunity to reach more customers across a growing myriad of social networking sites.

It’s hard to believe that the Big 3, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, have all seen their 10th birthday come and go. It doesn’t seem like they’ve been around that long but they have.

Each has forever altered the way we live our personal and professional lives.

As it pertains to professional transformation, LinkedIn has become a force to be reckoned with when helping folks connect, network, and land their next gig.

Most companies see the value LinkedIn brings to the table when finding their next superstar candidate, yet are quite clumsy in understanding how to effectively use LinkedIn to convert long-lasting business relationships.

There are quite a few ways to use LinkedIn in an attempt to drive more business.

Today I’ll share with you a strategy that’ll assist you in driving more qualified traffic to your website, leading to greater customer sales conversions.

The ole’ newsfeed shotgun approach…

Yes, if you’re the person that is SELLING on LinkedIn, then stop that nonsense today!

I mean it, stop it today, this very minute.

No one wants you shotgunning your company product and services in their news feed.

In fact, this is the perfect recipe to quickly get you removed as a connection and reported to the spam abuse team.

And while we’re at it, no one cares what you ate for lunch or your most recent car or jewelry purchase. Take those posts over to Facebook and Instagram, please and thank you.

USE YOUR NEWSFEED WISELY. Most people and companies don’t realize how such vain posts actually impact their ability to reach a greater audience when it counts the most.

Think of your LinkedIn newsfeed as the last bullet in the chamber or arrow in your arsenal to reach and expand customer reach.

You wouldn’t haphazardly use either if you knew it was your only chance, would you? Exactly, you wouldn’t, so don’t treat your newsfeed as target practice of endless rounds of ammo.

Make your LinkedIn updates meaningful and leaving people want to hear more from you.

The ole’ hi and buy my product or service…

I can’t tell you how many times people request that I connect with them on LinkedIn only to accept and have them immediately message me with a sales proposition.

It happens at the personal and group connection level. This type of unprofessional behavior is so rude.

I liken it to meeting me for the first time, shaking my hand, and then asking me to sleep with my wife. What!? Who are you!?

Give new contacts some time before you start slinging your wares and accessories. Follow their behavior over the course of 30 days before you ask for the sale or meeting leading up to the sale.

Nothing shouts UNPROFESSIONAL, INEXPERIENCED, and SPAM by an immediate sales request. Get to know me, and what makes me tick a bit.

Nevertheless, the point to remember here is to stop using LinkedIn Messages and Groups to SELL.

Ask for the sale in person (hint, hint), or pony up the cash to invest in LinkedIn’s Premium Sales service!

Finally, the ole’ shared experience…

I’ve shared with you two ways to NOT use LinkedIn in an attempt to build relationships of any time.

Neither of the aforementioned tactics ever drives any sort of meaningful traffic or sales conversions to long-lasting customer relationships.

But this last tip I’m sharing with you is aimed towards allowing a soft introduction and transfer traffic from LinkedIn over to your website.

Notice, I didn’t say from LinkedIn into your sales pipeline. I simply said from LinkedIn over to your website.

Getting people to leave an application or website of any sort is one of the greatest challenges for both personal and business brands to consistently achieve.

But when people KNOW and EMBRACE the feeling of NOT being sold too, then their curiosity likely gets the best of them wanting to know more about you and your company.

When I post articles and content leading from LinkedIn to my website, I NEVER link to sales content.

I simply link to content of shared experience. I often share stories where I got or didn’t get things right, or customer success or failure stories that most business owners can and will relate too.

And believe it or not, most of the content I post on LinkedIn is INCOMPLETE. That’s right! The content that I share on LinkedIn doesn’t tell the whole story.

I’ve learned to write and share ORIGINAL, jargon-less, compelling introductions of 500 words or less that lead from LinkedIn to my website.

I’ve created a shared experience cliffhanger with LinkedIn content that leaves a person and business with a strong desire to click the link to complete and experience the story in its entirety at my website.

Your business is no different than mine. Every business has it challenges and problems to solve just as it has its own winding path and experienced story.

And before I forget, simply copying and pasting content from existing articles WON’T CUT IT!

Take time to investing in being original, or risk having your personal and business brand classified as another qualified copycat caring more about the sale than the relationship.

Start telling more of your story and all it solves, and less of what it is you sell to one and all with all the jargon.

Give it a try and let me know how people connect with your brand in a personal and shared experience way.