Where Will Your Customers Come From?

So many tech companies find themselves in the same spot: They believe in the transformative power their products and services can have on prospective customers … But getting those customers to actually buy is another story altogether.

Does of any of this sound familiar?

  • You kill it on current projects … But you find the pipeline void of quality leads when those projects end.
  • You keep getting beat on hourly rate … But your team can get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes the competition.
  • You’ve tried different consultants and agencies, you’ve hired in-house marketing people, you’ve invested in tools and dabbled on social media … But none of it works.

If any of this does sound familiar, you’re not alone.

Plenty of tech companies struggle to nurture and maintain a pipeline through hectic seasons when the hours are long and downtime is non-existent.

Plenty of tech companies struggle to articulate their value in the face of executives and prospects fixated on the lowest bidder.

And plenty of tech companies struggle to develop and follow through on a business development plan that truly works.

At High Tech IQ, we connect the solutions you offer with the customers who desperately need them. In short, we help you find more qualified leads, secure more high-margin customers and drive the increased revenue needed to grow your business.


Get the Business Development Solutions You Need

At High Tech IQ, when we say “we,” we mean Alvin Brown and Brad Riddell — business development consultants that can help transform your pipeline.

Many consultants and agencies focus too much on marketing and creativity and content — without understanding the technology that drives your business. And many other consultants and agencies know the technology world — but have no clue just how powerful creative content and modern marketing tools and tactics can be.

We know both worlds — the technology and the marketing. And we don’t just strike a balance between the two. We use them together to create and execute custom plans for getting more leads, securing more customers and driving more revenue for your tech company.

No more ebb and flow in your pipeline.

No more stammering about “quality” when a prospect asks about your hourly rate.

No more fumbling around with social media or the tactic du jour.

And that’s not just a promise — it’s a guarantee. At High Tech IQ, we are only successful when you find the business development success you’ve been dreaming of.


Make a Change Starting Now

Here’s the good news: The tide can start turning today — right now, even. Just picture a future where you are focusing on your products and your services and delivering great work to your customers. Imagine a future where the constant grind of filling your pipeline with qualified leads is just a distant memory.

Now, stop dreaming and start doing. Take a first step toward this better future by learning lessons from the best tech companies in the world.

Download “The 9 Transformative Decisions That Successful Tech Companies,” and discover the possibilities.

PS: We know you’ve heard stuff like this before. You probably hear from consultants and agencies all the time, outsiders who promise they have the perfect tactics for your business development needs. What makes us different? Two things: 1) We don’t just prescribe off-the-shelf solutions and hope they fit your problems; instead, we create a custom strategy to skyrocket your profit. 2) We put skin in the game; that is, we’re not successful unless you’re successful.

Take the first step toward your better future when you download “The 9 Transformative Decision That Successful Tech Companies Make.”